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Characteristics of FRP products

Time: 2011-08-04

Characteristics of FRP products

1, corrosion-resistant
Resin to give the performance of different FRP different corrosion resistance, so that at different pH, salt, organic solvents, gas, liquid corrosive media environment, long-term use.
2, flame-retardant
High-quality resin and flame retardant additives to give the product excellent flame retardant properties, flame-retardant products generally oxygen index greater than 26, the flame spread factor of less than 25, smoke density less than 500.
3, high strength
E-glass fiber yarn and the perfect combination of resin, giving the product a unique lightweight, high strength characteristics, the proportion of products are steel 1 / 4, for a variety of load-bearing structures under corrosive environment.
4, anti-aging
Products made from high quality anti-aging matrix resin plus additives, the product has long-lasting anti-aging properties, can maintain long-lasting luster and sustained high intensity, the useful life of more than 20 years.
5, can be designed of
In addition to performance of FRP flexible design, the color of the product can be customized according to customer requirements, dimensions may also cut the size required for splicing into customers.
6, Anti-Slip
High modulus of elasticity and the different effects of the grill surface with non-slip performance, a slight flexibility to reduce staff fatigue, double flat, crescent surface, sand surface, diamond-shaped cover, used in different situations with different surface slip resistance.
7, electrical properties
Glass fiber and high-performance resins give the product excellent electrical properties, the product hit the wear intensity of up to 10kv/mm, metal tools to fight when no spark; products non-magnetic, anti-knock in the electromagnetic environment safe.

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