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FRP Panel cutting method

Time: 2011-12-07

  FRP is a short FRP Panel. These are the 4 × 8-foot section, and as a protective wall covering. These groups are often found in the bathroom. They are installed directly on top of the gypsum board walls and along the very thin (about 8 inches). Usually reached the end of the wall, it is necessary to reduce the size of the glass steel. This can be very dangerous, if not take appropriate preventive measures, but only a few tools that can be completed.
  1 ran a tape measure the distance from the wall a piece of the wall at the end of installation write down measurements. Measuring the distance on the same steel and glass marked with a pencil.
  2 FRP Panel T-square line up on the signs, and use it to draw a straight line of the sign is located. Along the entire piece with a pencil down the T-square. In the pencil marks the end of each measurement and verification of measurement is the same. This will ensure that the appropriate cut.
  3 lay in a plane of glass panels. Attach any type of carbide circular saw blade saw. Online circular saw blade sign on the glass panel. Push down the trigger and start circular saw.
  4 throughout the entire film through the direct pencil mark saw blade. To keep straight as possible, and continue down until it has been cut in two pieces. Wipe off any cut glass on the edge of small pieces of steel or other debris. Smooth, the edges with a clean cloth.
  5 FRP Panel set up on the wall of a glass, and make sure it fits. All other FRP parts repeat the process until the entire wall.

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